From a Silicon Valley Native

San Diego is Creating A Smaller, Better Version of Silicon Valley

(The Best Tech, Life Sci and Lifestyle Ecosystem on the Planet)

San Diego is absolutely crushing it.

Deep tech

And it’s not just raw dollars. Our companies innovate. We solve hard problems. Consider our large companies like Qualcomm, Illumina, Dexcom, Resmed, and Viasat. They aren’t necessarily consumer-facing brands, but they are absolutely life changing companies.

Cool People Who Collaborate

Did I mention… 50 miles of coastline, 70 degree weather? It makes people happy. One of the reasons why San Diego has performed so well over the past five years is the community itself. It’s highly collaborative. CEOs know one another and support one another. We gather well. We enjoy random collisions. The supporting infrastructure is helpful. Arrogance gets called out, as it should.

Making Growth Work: Local Leaders Thinking Scale

San Diego is seizing the opportunity to do something great, to build a world-class region. We’re already number six on the list, but with room to grow intelligently with a 3, 5, 10 and 30 year vision. We are cognizant of the mistakes made in other regions.

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